Tuesday, December 7, 2010

oh Christmas tree....

Well, this post has been a while coming, the tree has been up for a while but I've been busy having a cold, and trying to get other things done before Christmas comes around.

It's quite tall (7 feet high) but there's always more than enough decorations :)

My Mum refers to the colour scheme as "bollywood" -which is probably accurate enough - but I don't mind! Pinks, purples and reds are my favourite colours - so why shouldn't I use them on the tree?
For a while I had somehow only managed to collect round baubles, with not many "other' shapes, but I've worked at changing that - so now I have stars and little tinsel sprays

and angels...
For the most part I like to tie the decorations onto the tree using ribbons in a variety of colours, I find that it adds a secondary design type feature - which I really enjoy.
We also have a wreath on the door, golden glittery poinsettas and of course the adorable Rudy, Ruby and Roby Dear from last weeks post.
How is everyone else going with their Christmas decorations?


  1. It's so nice to see your pretty tree. And it's a real one too, isn't it? My preference is for real trees. But alas, for the third year in a row, we're not putting up a tree. Our children aren't coming home; we're going to them. So there's no point in putting up any decorations. I'm celebrating Advent WITH those of you in the blogosphere who are decorating. Thanks for letting me be part of yours.

  2. How pretty! Mine has been up since before Thanksgiving. I like to enjoy the decorations a bit longer than 25 days.


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