Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Design Process

My Mum's house has a home cinema type room. She designed it with a charcoal carpet, and a gorgeous grey, red and black patterned rug. The whole room (sorry I don't have any pics of it) is meant to feel warm and cozy, with the ability to be really dark when you want to watch a movie.

It's a great room. We definitely spend lots of time there when I visit. I would like to make some quilts for her cinema room and really want to co-ordinate them (that's right there may be up to four of them) with the colour scheme in the room, and also with each other.

I've been doing some virtual shopping (I *heart* Hawthorne Threads!) so here is what I've come up with so far:

From Robert Kaufman:

From Studio E

and finally from Alice Kennedy

At this point what I'm imagining is four quilts (one for each chair in the "cinema") all based around geometric designs and heavily featuring Kona Solids (Black, Charcaol, Med Grey, Rich Red, Red and possibly some Snow) and then small(ish) pieces of the feature fabrics to give it some interest. I think that the poppies above might be too much (too big, even in little pieces) but the "mums" are perfect!

Now - if I could only remember how to use my Electric Quilt to design what's in my head....


  1. Those are all yummy fabrics! I really like the bold graphic quality of each one. Hmm, I can already picture me snuggled under a quilt, watching a movie. What are we watching? "Australia," I hope!

  2. Lovely choices. I love black and white with touches of colour. Always graphic and bold.


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