Saturday, November 5, 2011

Finished Project: Peanut's Playtime

Hi!  It's been a super long time since I blogged!  It's not that I haven't been sewing, it's just that I've been sewing so much that I haven't had much time on the computer.  So I'm going to start with a finish, you might remember some time ago that I showed you this stack of fabric which was for a secret project.
Well I'm all done! This is "Peanut's Playtime", it's for a very close friend of Sir Pinkying and I, in fact, she was the one who set me up with Sir Pinkying!  She's about to have her first baby, and we don't know what she's having, so the quilt needed to be as unisex as possible.
There are a lot of firsts for me in this quilt... it's the first time that I've pin basted a project this size, and I have to say that I absolutely love it! So fast, and it actually held all three layers together beautifully nothing shifted at all!  I love it so much! 
I did a multicoloured binding, which I've done on other projects, but I love the way it ties the whole quilt together... and it's the first time that I've actually remembered to take a photo of the binding!
It's also the first time that I've machine quilted a quilt all on my "own" too.  I did 3/4 of an inch out from each seam which added this great rectangles and squares pattern to the top.
It's also the first time that I've done such a heavily pieced backing.  Truth is that I was running out of fabric, so I didn't really have any other choice, but I like the way it turned out.  Here is the back
I'm going to leave you with this photo... I love the "quilt with legs" shot!


  1. It's so pretty! Oh my, that will be one fortunate baby to have such a pretty quilt. You did a great job choosing solids to go with the print (love that print!), and your quilting enhances those geometric shapes just right. I'm a big fan of scrappy binding, though it doesn't always suit a quilt. It does on this one though! As for the backing... wow! It has as much punch as the front. I know how pieced backs take extra time to sew, but in the end, they always enhance the front to make a super finished quilt. Yours is just that. Well done!

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous - I'm sure your friend will love it.

  3. What a sweet quilt. I really love pieced binding, I am yet to try it though.



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