Thursday, January 12, 2012

Projects for 2012

I've been doing a stocktake of the projects I want to make this year, or in some cases finish this year and I think if I record them here that perhaps I will feel more drive to finish them rather than get distracted with pretty new things!

Up first is finishing off these placemats for my mum.  I managed to finish off 4 before Christmas which were given to her for her early January birthday, but I need to finish the other 4 so that she can have a full set of 8!  The fabric is Bryant Park from Anthology Fabrics, paired with Kona solids.
 For once I've actually saved my selvedges, and I would like to make a pouch of some kind featuring them.  Hopefully that will come together quickly!
This is a bundle of Nicey Jane that recently joined my collection.  My friend Jenn and I went halves in some fat quarters, so now we both have a set of fat eighths.  I think we will do some kind of "challenge" with these, I already have the design in my head, but I won't start until Jenn can start too.
Late last year I showed you this stack of fabrics, which have become this neat little pile of squares.  This is going to become a quilt that I'm calling Sunset Plus.  As soon as I have time to layout all the squares I'll show you a sneak peek!
Also on the list for finishing this year is my Candied Hexagons.  I think I have less than 10 blocks to go now, and then the little edge pieces.  I doubt that I will get the top finished, the quilting and binding done, but I would be happy if I can finish the top this year.
Finally, and using my newly learnt Machine Quilting skils, I would like to quilt these two tops which have been waiting around for some time now to be finished off.  I've always wanted to quilt them myself, so I think this will be the year.
That's the list to start with!  What about you?  What are you making this year?

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  1. You have such great taste in fabrics and colors. I really can't wait to see your Candied Hexagons finish. It's absolutely gorgeous!


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