Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nicey Girls Finish First

A little while back I showed you this stack of fabrics.  The fabric is Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey.  Even though I only just became the proud owner of some of this fabric, but it's actually been around for quite a while.  Just in case you missed them here they are again!

The reason why I wanted needed some Nicey Jane was because of a super cute quilt that I saw over at Simplify (Camille Roskelley's Blog) and after I saw the photo I just HAD to have some! 

Jenn and I went halves in some fat eighths and now we're all ready for our mini challenge.  So here are the rules for the Nicey Girls Finish First mini challenge:
1) All print fabrics for the top and the binding must come from our fat eighth set.
2) The only fabrics we can add are solids
3) No more than 2 solids can be added*
4) The big reveal will be at our quilting group in April (full quilt!)

*I'm pretty sure that it was right around this rule being added that we both ran off to get pull out our Kona colour cards to check our choices!!

I've been kind of planning an idea in my head for a while - so I sort of knew what I wanted to do, although I have amended that slightly since we agreed the rules!  I spent a little time yesterday with these guys
and drew up a block and an overall design.  Here's a sneak peek of the design
anyway - if I'm going to meet this deadline, I better get started!!


  1. What a fun challenge! So it this just a two-person challenge - you and Jenn? Did you put a restriction on yourselves as to the size of the "mini?" Just want to know because it's so interesting, and I love the print collection you're using. I'm absolutely sure you chose them, not for their looks, but because nice girls want to work with nice fabrics. Hmm?

  2. I've managed to leave a comment for you ... but ... now I just need to see the new blogpost. I enjoy reading your blog Claire.


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