Monday, August 22, 2011

A Room With a..... Desk!

Ever since Sir Pinkying and I moved earlier this year we've been meaning to "get around" to getting a desk for our spare room so that I can have dedicated space for quilting.  There's been a couple of false starts, including a trip to Ikea where I discovered that the desk I thought I wanted was in actual fact not very sturdy, and we ended up coming home empty handed.  But yesterday we tried again and finally had success!

Here is the before:
We're lucky in that we have a lot of natura; light in the apartment and there is a beautiful picture window in the middle of the wall.  At the moment the trees outside are bare, but in the summer time they will be covered in beautiful pink flowers.  Here is the after! 
Did I mention that I share the spare room with Sir Pinkying's hobby?  Did I mention that Sir Pinkying is a drummer?  So we have drums on the left hand side, and quilting on the right hand side!! Now that's what I call a multi-function room!
I've already discovered one fantastic thing about my new desk: the little gaps in the storage foot are PERFECT to display fabric!


  1. Your little corner of the world is so nice. All that natural light is wonderful and should enhance your sewing time, if you manage to find sewing time in daylight hours! I took a close-up look at your stash and I think you have excellent fabric taste! Those four or five pieces on top, in the lemon and charcoal color combination are wowsa. Can't wait to see the great things you'll sew with those. Bet you can't either!

  2. Very nice. What a great way to inspire lots and lots of quilting.

  3. That certainly is a multi-purpose room. I love your new desk and what a great use for the storage space!

  4. I like that you share your space with your drummer. I am a drummer too but since the kids moved out, I have one room for drums and another for crafting!


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