Friday, August 19, 2011

A Sew In!

Last week I mentioned that I'd had two fun quilty experiences lately, but I was very slack and hadn't taken photos at either of them.  This week I got a chance to have another one, and I made sure to have my camera ready!

Kyishia from PrimaNOTION came over again while Sir Pinkying was out, and we took over the living room floor!  Well... actually... if I'm going to be completely honest... I was the one who really took over the floor, Kyishia sewed at the dining room table.  So this is what the floor looked like as we got started
There may have been one of these.... 
and Kyishia brought some beautiful show and tell which I will show a small sneak peak of...a bento box quilt with Anna Marie Horner fabrics.  Gorgeous!
I got a lot done this time, and finished cutting out ALL the pieces for my Cosmo bag.  It was a LOT of cutting... as in a LOT of cutting.  This is what all the pieces look like laid out, there's two bag pieces, two lining pieces, there's the base of the lining and the outer, there's the sides of the bag, and the lining, there's the pockets (both inside and out) AND lining for the pockets!
and the worst bit?? ALL of the pieces have to be interfaced!!! It's certainly a lot more fun to do when I have company!


  1. I love the Bento Box Block! Your quilt looks lovely, and purple is my favorite colour.

  2. Sewing in company is a great way to make fun times even better!


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