Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Current Projects: Asian Circles

So I continue my adventure through projects that I'm currently working on. This next one is very much a work in progress. It all started with a piece of gorgeous Asian style fabric. It started with one of the techniques in this book. You can't quite tell, but all the blocks are slightly different sizes and what I'm planning to do is to actually cut them into circles which I'm going to applique to a background. It's just this week looking through all the blocks that I've decided that I might piece the background, out of an assortment of creams. Maybe. I'm considering it! :)
I want them to end up looking like the Japanese Temari balls, and in my head, I want them to kind of "float" across the background of the quilt, and I think that I will quilt loose kind of "wafts" of air.
The techniques in the book are great, I just love how you can get so very many....
different blocks from a single fabric! :) ... and the way the patterns seem to rotate around the centre of the block


  1. Your circles are lovely. What a fascinating technique.

  2. That's a creative approach for Stack and Whack blocks! Making them into circles... I'd never thought of that. And on a creamy, pieced background, I think circles would be lovely. You're on to something good. I hope it becomes as you hope.


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