Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I *heart* Spoonflower!

I am very familiar with the red, grey-blue and white colour of the USPS International Priority Packages.  I wouldn't say that they arrive for me ALL the time, but certainly frequently enough that when the first mail delivery of the day arrives on my floor that I can pick one out from about 50 paces :)

Yesterday, this mysterious package arrived on my desk.  Plain white. Interesting.
 Hmm... 1 yd cotton fabric printed.... Oh, wait, could this be what I've been waiting for?!?!
So, with a tiny bit of care (and no hesitation at all) I cut off the top of the package and out came this (I may or may not have reenacted this part for the camera at home!)
Yes!  It's my Spoonflower order - all beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, with the cute little Spoonflower logo on a sticker on top.
and my two pieces!  oh, and this super cute piece of fabric with the Spoonflower logo on it (I know you don't need to see this, but I just thought it was really cute and I wanted to share it with you)
I've always LOVED the labels that Julie over at Jaybird Quilts has for her quilts.  They really nice, and it's a great idea for a permanent label for your quilts (especially for someone like me who is a bit anti-label).  Just a couple of weeks ago Julie posted a second part in her tutorial about how she had labels printed by Spoonflower The second part of the tutorial includes templates for various different label layouts, so when I saw templates and then Spoonflower had a free shipping offer, I just couldn't resist!  My Mum just so happens to be a fantastic web designer, who is more than a little bit handy with Photoshop and so I enlisted her help.
After much "negotiation" with Mum, we came up with a design that I really love - and decided on colours.  There's an emerald green
A beautiful bright yellow
and a gorgeous pink/magenta colour.
When I looked at the colours that I often use I thought they would be colours that would easily match most quilt tops that I'm currently working on.

I also ordered this gorgeous and useful colour chart that shows 965 colours all in one yard of fabric.  It also has the proper hex colour codes for each colour underneath it, so that you can order more accurately from Spoonflower.
The fabric for both the colour chart and the labels is quilting weight, and is quite nice.  I would definitely use Spoonflower again, and I can't recommend enough Julie's tutorials on how to use Spoonflower to create the labels. 


  1. Your labels are very pretty! I've ordered labels from Spoonflower myself, and have been very pleased with the results. What a great idea to have the company's color chart! I'm sure that will be very helpful with future designing. What software program do you use to design?

  2. Wow, fantastic labels. I just might have to look into them myself!


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