Wednesday, July 6, 2011

W.I.P Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Lee over at Freshly Pieced does "W.I.P. Wednesday" which is going to give me a chance to list my current WIPs. Some of them you are already familiar with - but this is a more comprehensive list - all in one post - this could be a long one!

1) Hand sewing
Up first - Candied Hexagons - English Paper Pieced - 15 or so blocks to go, then insets and borders.  Feeling not at all guilty about this one!
 Celtic Applique - all scroll work basted down, but in need of being appliqued into place.  This is something that I tend to go back to when I'm looking for some hand work that is a little different to the hexagons!
 2) Piecework
Odd Fellows March blocks - all fabric cut for this quilt, including borders.  I haven't worked on them for a long time though and should probably get back to them!
 Asian Circles - I've done all the cutting for these and have a vague tickling of an idea of how I want to lay them out but need to find time to sit and sketch it out.  Sewed a few more of these blocks over the weekend and will hopefully get the the blocks finished this weekend.
 3) Completed tops
Urban Couture - this top actually doesn't have a name yet.  I've been calling it "Urban Couture" just because that is what the fabric is called... I would like to use this for free motion practice - but just not sure how to quilt it.
The "Sultry" quilt - another top with no name - other than it's fabric name!  I want to free motion this too, and I have a kind of swirly flower design in mind - but just can't figure out how to get from one flower to another. 
Placemats - these are going quite well - all the binding is made for them, and I've machined it on to 3 of 8 placemats.  I'm hoping to get the machining of the binding finished off this weekend.
I also have two other tops that are in need of quilting - both have actually been basted but I haven't been game to get started! 

Now that I look at the list, it really does seem that perhaps it is the lack of maching quilting experience that is holding me back.  I'm hoping to go to a free motion class later this year, so hopefully that will help!!


  1. The Candied Hexagon Project is goregous! I love your colour choices 0:)

  2. Everything looks gorgeous! Those Candied Hexies are absolutely stunning.

  3. Oh my gosh!! I *love* your candied hexagons!! And your Celtic project looks really intriguing.

  4. oh goodness! What alot of beautiful projects! Love the candied hexies - amazing! I'm also a fan of the pinwheels!

  5. Oh my, that Celtic applique made me gasp. Such intricate detail - lovely!

  6. You have lots of fun projects going on, wow! Love the celtic scrollwork project, that looks like it will be amazing.

  7. Candied Hexagons - is amazing. Great job!

  8. Your projects are beautiful!

  9. Love the candied hexagons! and the Asian circles are beautiful!


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