Monday, July 11, 2011

Winter Wonders

Well Winter is certainly in full swing here in the Southern Hemisphere.  We've been pretty lucky in that the last week or so has been brilliant blue skies.  Unfortunately the beautiful skies have been accompanied by some of the coldest weather we've had all year!  There has been gale force winds throughout most of our state and the wind chill really does make a difference to the temperatures.  I do love the blue days (a cold, bright blue day is one of my favourite kinds of days) but everyone can do with some cheering up - so here are the things putting a smile on my face at the moment.
We had some friends over for dinner on Friday night - it was a lovely night of food, wine and company - and they gifted us some beautiful Sunflowers.  We've positioned them so that as you walk down the hallway, I smile each time I see them :) 
Despite the cold weather we've had my plants are continuing to grow.  I've got mint, parsley, rosemary and thyme.
They are all still growing really well, the parsley in particular.  The last two months I've taken bundles of parsley to quilting to share around because we can't possibly eat it all!
I don't do a lot of knitting, but at the moment I'm working on a gift for a friend.  For a number of years I've given her a hand knitted scarf for her birthday, and she seems to love them, so I'm working on one for this year.  I just finished a ball of wool and I think I'm just past half the length I'll need - so I'll be done soon!
I thought I'd leave you this shot of Sir Pinkying and I.  You know that winter is here when you have to snuggle under quilts even with the heater on!!

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  1. We certainly have had some bright blue days but it is sooooo cold!

    The sunflowers sure are cheery!


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