Sunday, September 4, 2011

A finish!! ..... and another start!

I've been laid up on the couch for the last week with easily the worst cold/flu bug that I've had in YEARS!  You know the way there is sick, you feel off colour, and maybe don't go to work but all up its not too bad... then there is the other kind of sick, the lie in bed, can't think straight, can't see straight, stare at the wall, sleep all day (and all night) kind of sick? Well I was that second one.... I'm feeling much better now, and did manage over the weekend to get the bindings finished on our new placemats!
 I'm so happy with how they came out! I love the fabrics, it's a good combo of the bright colours that I love and more masculine colours so that they can be something that both Sir Pinkying and I love having on the dining room table.
In a great act of random timing, we just finished building our brand new dining room table (don't you love Ikea?!?) so we're all set to go!  I cut the strips all different random sizes, and then added the grey to either end, so none of the placemats are the same
Finally, because I've finished something, I've also started something new with these beautiful fabrics (that's "Baby Safari" from Northcott in case you're wondering, and some Kona Solids) for a very special friend of Sir Pinkying and I.
 I've done all the cutting, now I've just got to sit down to do the sewing.


  1. I love the placemats, they look great. I can't wait to see what you make with your recent cuttings.

  2. The placemats are so pretty. I commented so over at SCQSydney blog. Here's why:
    Aren't our ideas similar?! Well, I like yours better because you have more print showing. But isn't it funny how we used the same Anthology print? The brown background one with paisley?

    Your kid quilt will be really nice. And I'm glad you're nearly over the bug that bit you.


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