Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gratitude: Week 2

The beginning of 2011 has been tough for many Australians, there has been terrible flash floods in Queensland, further flooding in Victoria, then Queensland got hit by the strongest cyclone in living memory and now there are significant bush fires in Western Australia.

It has been without a doubt a very harrowing time for thousands of Australians.

This week I am grateful for the fact that we have been able, in most circumstances, give people sufficient warning of the oncoming storm. It has been really something to be grateful for that we have been able to get people out of their houses and into emergency shelters before the worst came through. The media, police, local councils, state premiers, the SES and countless others have been able to help warn people and get them to safety. We've also seen tremendous examples of "mate ship" with thousands of people volunteering to help clean up for people affected by the events that have taken place.

It is tragic that some lives were lost, and thousands of people are in temporary housing while they wait to see if they will be able to return to their homes, but Australians are strong and resilient people and we will clean up, and people will move forward with their lives, and as a country we will be better for it.

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  1. Absolutely right, Pinky, and I'm grateful, with you, that we do live in a country where people pitch in to help others when they're in need. I know there are many other countries where this is true too, but unfortunately there are places where human lives seem not to be valued.


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